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unlisted – we’re on a roll

We haven’t posted much news in the past year, preferring instead to busy ourselves in the improvement of our platform, gathering information from our stakeholders, then hurrying back to our desks and finetuning the unlisted utility, and then repeating the process. Over the past few months we've doubled down on this, running a significant client beta-testing programme to test our system and see what our stakeholders want.

Our instincts were right — they are looking for a private company valuations platform that can make their research in the sector more accurate, more cost-effective and more timely. And that’s what unlisted offers — with our patented machine learning process, it just keeps getting better at it too!

As a result of the work and progress, we have a lot of news to announce over the next few weeks and months, so keep your eyes posted on our social media and website. We are eager to get unlisted out to market and we can't wait to be the source of choice for professionals working in private company investments.