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The private company valuations engine
for the new frontier
of investing


We automate the highly complex and subjective company valuations process.

✓ We're creating a world where business valuations are delivered within seconds, wherever you are!


Deploy state-of-the-art technology that focuses on accuracy.

✓ Real-time data feeds into our technology that constantly learns and outputs a much more accurate valuation.

Integrate your datasets and set the parameters.

Customised valuations based on your projections of company specific financial data.




Our proprietary technology constantly learns in real-time.
Eliminating the need for hundreds of analyst hours.
Integrate your data sets, run retrospective valuations and batch-processing.


Obtaining an independent assessment of business value is expensive and takes time. For a lender, this delays getting an offer out to a customer. For that same customer, it means losing valuable time to close a deal.


✓ Saves you time, money and delivers valuations in real-time, wherever you are!

✓ Unlisted helps you understand a business value and its drivers.

✓ Unlisted is a subscription-based web service that gives professional clients a direct access to our platform to manage your portfolios.


Our Vision

We are democratising the unlisted company valuations market.

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