The private company valuations engine for the new frontier of investing

We can deliver cost effective, highly precise valuations
at scale

Work smarter

By accelerating delivery, and allowing for rapid iteration we have created an agile, dynamic valuation process.


In significantly lowering the cost of the valuations process our clients can run unlimited valuation requests across a wider range of scenarios.

Using machine learning we can be more precise, optimising valuation models, and basing project valuations on the most relevant and recent information including public market trends. And, by integrating into a client’s existing valuations processes, we can ensure minimum fuss and maximum return for private company stakeholders.


Automate and accelerate

unlisted will help Accountancy and Consultancy firms, Private Equity and Investment Funds enabling them to perform multiple valuations at any frequency and to run scenario-based analysis on their investments.

unlisted allows Venture Capital and fund managers to better understand value drivers of portfolio companies and assess target companies.

We can give company owners new insights to better inform decision making capabilities and at a much lower cost. With a more accurate business valuation we can help banks optimise their lending process.

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There is a growing demand to better understand and explore the potential of private businesses


Dr. Amandeep Sahota 

is a financial markets theorist and expert, a former banker with Merrill, and the brains behind the AI/ML and theory of unlisted.


Rob Lee 

is a former JPMorgan technology director with the expertise to build, maintain and operate a platform to the exacting standards of FS firms.


Matt Welstead 

is a former Goldman Sachs private equity banker who understands our clients’ needs.


David Clarke CFA 

is a former Bloomberg editor and fund management marketeer, an expert on the rigorous communications needed in the FS sector.


Andrew Smith  

is a former Morgan Stanley executive director who understands the regulatory and financial discipline required of a company serving FS firms.

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What we’re offering is ground-breaking, disruptive and timely

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Why now is the time

Our initial client base are the financial institutions, advisors and investors that dominate financial markets. Many more people and firms are getting involved in private company investments and transactions.

Investors believe there is huge untapped potential in private companies that can make up for anticipated slowing returns in broader equity and fixed income markets. Private markets added $4 trillion in assets under management in the past decade, according to McKinsey’s Private Markets Annual Review.

Our aim is to be the gold standard of independent private company valuations.

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